Dammersfeld Ridge

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The Dammersfeld Ridge (German: Dammersfeldrücken) is a low mountain chain in the High Rhön in Germany, which begins on a line from Bischofsheim to Gersfeld and runs in a southwesterly direction to RiedenbergWerbergMaria Ehrenberg. The majority of this area today is a military out-of-bounds area, the Wildflecken Training Area. Its highest point is the Dammersfeldkuppe, the second-highest mountain in the Rhön. The Bavarian-Hessian state border runs along the crest of the mountain chain.

Dammersfeld Ridge
Highest point
Elevation927.9 m above NHN
Dammersfeld Ridge is located in Bavaria
Dammersfeld Ridge
Dammersfeld Ridge is located in Hesse
Dammersfeld Ridge
StateCounties of Bad Kissingen and Rhön-Grabfeld, Bavaria, and county of Fulda, Hesse,  Germany
Range coordinates50°23′49″N 9°51′44″E / 50.3969°N 9.8621°E / 50.3969; 9.8621Coordinates: 50°23′49″N 9°51′44″E / 50.3969°N 9.8621°E / 50.3969; 9.8621
Parent rangeSouthern High Rhön, High Rhön, Rhön

Natural regionsEdit

The Dammersfeld Ridge was first defined in 1968 as a natural region as part of the natural regional classification of Germany at a map scale of 1:200,000]] (Sheet 140 Schweinfurt), and it is grouped as follows:[1]



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