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Dalseong County (Dalseong-gun) is a gun occupying much of south and western Daegu, South Korea. A largely rural district lying along the Nakdong River, it makes up nearly half of Daegu's total area. It is divided in half by a narrow piece of Dalseo-gu that reaches west to the river.


Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja
 • Revised RomanizationDalseong-gun
 • McCune-ReischauerTalsŏng kun
Korea-Mount Biseul-Azalea Valley-01.jpg
Dalseong-gun DAEGU.PNG
CountrySouth Korea
Provincial levelDaegu
 • Total427.03 km2 (164.88 sq mi)
 • Total230,000 2,017
 • Dialect
WebsiteDalseong County Office

Like the other local government units in South Korea, Dalseong-gun enjoys a moderate degree of local autonomy. The county magistrate and council are elected by the local citizens, although their authority is sharply curtailed. The seat of government is located in Nongong-eup. The current magistrate is Lee Jong-jin.

Dalseong-gun enters historical records in 757, as Daegu-hyeon, a subsidiary of Suchang-gun (modern-day Suseong-gu). Dalseong-gun became part of Daegu Metropolitan City in 1995, as part of a general reform of local governments.

As the near hinterland of Daegu, Dalseong-gun is known as a center of truck farming and tourism. Landmarks of Dalseong-gun include Biseulsan and the Naengcheon resort area beneath Paljoryeong.

The name Dalseong means "Dal Castle," and comes from the earlier name of Daegu, Dalgubeol.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Administrative divisions

Dalseong-gun is divided into four eup and five myeon. These are in turn divided into 279 ri and 1470 ban.

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