Dall'alto dell'Apostolico Seggio

Pope Leo XIII's papal encyclical on the subject of Freemasonry in Italy, known both by its Italian incipit Dall'alto dell'Apostolico Seggio and its Latin incipit Ab apostolici Solii celsitudine, was a promulgated on 15 October 1890.[1]

Dall'alto dell'Apostolico Seggio
Italian for 'From the height of the Apostolic Throne'
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII
Coat of arms of Pope Leo XIII
Signature date 15 October 1890
SubjectOn Freemasonry in Italy
Number34 of 85 of the pontificate
← Sapientiae Christianae
Catholicae Ecclesiae →

It dealt with Freemasonry in Italy, condemning the contemporary course of public affairs in Italy as the realization of the "Masonic programme". This "programme" was said to involve a "deadly hatred of the Church", the abolition of religious instruction in schools and the absolute independence of civil society from clerical influence.[2]

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