Dale Cemetery

The Dale Cemetery located in Ossining, New York is a town-owned rural cemetery encompassing 47 acres (19 ha) and has been operational since October 1851. In 2013 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]

Dale Cemetery
Benjamin Brandreth Grave.JPG
Grave marker of Benjamin and Virginia Brandreth at the Dale Cemetery in Ossining, NY as it appeared in November, 2008
Ossining, NY
CountryUnited States
Coordinates41°10′16″N 73°51′22″W / 41.171039°N 73.856059°W / 41.171039; -73.856059
Owned byTown of Ossining
Size47 acres (190,000 m2)


The Dale Cemetery located in Ossining, New York is a town-owned cemetery encompassing 47 acres (190,000 m2).[2] The cemetery was originally owned by the Dale Cemetery Association which was incorporated on 16 January 1851 and was dedicated in October 1851.[3] It was designed by Howard Daniels.[4] At its dedication Professor C. Mason said, that we build cemeteries "for the use, the pleasure, the instruction, the edification of the living."[5] Its first President was Aaron Ward, retired congressman.[6] The cemetery was acquired by the Town of Ossining in 2004.[7]

Notable intermentsEdit

  • Thomas Allcock (1815-1891), Civil War General for the Union Army
  • Franz Boas (1858-1942), the "Father of American Anthropology"
  • Benjamin Brandreth (1807-1880), proprietor of Brandreth's Pills, one of the earliest mass market consumer branded products in the United States, founder of Brandreth Park
  • John Thompson Hoffman (1828-1888), governor of New York (1869-1872), Mayor of New York City (1866-1868)
  • Edwin A. McAlpin (1848-1917), president of the D.H. McAlpin & Co tobacco company, builder of the Hotel McAlpin, the largest hotel in the world, and Adjutant General of the State of New York
  • Sonny Sharrock (1940-1994), jazz guitarist
  • Aaron Ward (1790-1867), American congressman
  • Samuel Youngs (1760-1839), who in 1851 was moved from his earlier burial site and became the first person interred at Dale Cemetery. He was a possible inspiration for the character Ichabod Crane in his friend Washington Irving's story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".
  • Chester Hoff (1891 - 1998), Oldest ex-Major League Baseball player at time of death. He played for the NY Highlanders (later the NY Yankees) and St. Louis Browns.

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