Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

The Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic[a] (1921–1991), abbreviated as Dagestan ASSR[b] or DASSR[c] and also unofficially known as Soviet Dagestan or just simply Dagestan, was an autonomous republic of the Russian SFSR within the Soviet Union. This "Land of Mountains" was known also for having a "mountain of peoples," with more than thirty ethnic groups indigenous to the territory. Although as part of its strategy to promote local languages and to discourage pan-Turkic and pan-Islamic movements, a half-dozen of these ethnicities were provided with schooling in their native language at some point in Soviet history, Russian language became the most widespread second language and gradually the lingua franca, especially in urban areas.[1]

Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
Дагестанская АССР (Russian)
Дагъистаналъул АССР (Avar)
Дагъыстан АССР (Kumyk)
Дагъустандин АССР (Lezgian)
Дагъусттаннал АССР (Lak)
Дағыстан МССР (Azerbaijani)
Дагъустан АССР (Aghul)
ДегӀастанан АССР (Chechen)
Дагыстан АССР (Nogai)
Дагъустан АССР (Tabassaran)
Догъисту АССР (Muslim Tat)
Autonomous republic of the Russian SFSR
 • CoordinatesCoordinates: 42°59′00″N 47°29′00″E / 42.9833°N 47.4833°E / 42.9833; 47.4833
 • TypeSoviet republic
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Dagestan Autonomous Oblast

The minor planet 2297 Daghestan, discovered in 1978[1] by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Chernykh, is named after the Dagestan ASSR.[2]


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