Dachanghe or possibly Da Changhe (大長和; literally "Great Long Harmony") was a kingdom from 902 to 928 in modern Yunnan, China. Founded by Zheng Maisi (鄭買嗣), it was the successor state of the Kingdom of Nanzhao (738–902), whose ruling Meng (蒙) family was mass-murdered in a bloody coup by Zheng. The Zheng family suffered a similar fate 26 years later at the hands of Yang Ganzhen (楊干貞), who helped found a state named Datianxing (大天興) (928–929).

Map showing the location of Dachanghe

Dachanghe bordered Former Shu to its north.


  • Zheng Maisi (鄭買嗣) 903-909
  • Zheng Renmin (鄭仁旻) 910-926
  • Zheng Longdan (鄭隆亶) 926-927


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