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Da li ste pametniji od đaka petaka?

Da li ste pametniji od đaka petaka? was a Serbian game show broadcast by Fox televizija. It is a licensed version of the global Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? franchise.

The show was aired weekly and it lasted only for one season. The show was hosted by Voja Nedeljković. The top prize was RSD 5,555,555 (around 70,000). Though broadcast on a network seen only in Serbia, and produced in Serbian language, the show was actually taped in Sofia, Bulgaria in the same studio as the show's Bulgarian version Това го знае всяко хлапе! that aired on bTV.[1]

Question Value
1 RSD2,500
2 RSD5,000
3 RSD10,000
4 RSD25,000
5 RSD50,000
6 RSD75,000
7 RSD150,000
8 RSD250,000
9 RSD500,000
10 RSD1,000,000
11 RSD5,555,555