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Da li imaš pravo? is the debut studio album by Serbian recording artist and producer Gru.[1][2] With production done by Jugodisk and City Records[3], this album marked the first wave of Serbian hip-hop.[4] The album was certified gold in Serbia, and included the eponymous song Da li imaš pravo, which was a number one song on the Serbian charts for 5 consecutive weeks.[5][6][7]

Da li imaš pravo?
Studio album by
RecordedOctober 1994 - December 1994
GenreFunk, Hip-hop
Gru chronology
Da li imaš pravo?
Gru 2

Recorded between 24 October until 10 December 1994, the album's chart-topping songs include Da li imaš pravo, Pravo u raj, Geto and Život je lep, which was done as a duet with retired musician Mario Rajić, better known as Enco.[8][9]

Track listingEdit

1."Gru In" ("Gru In")D. AndonovD. Andonov3:18
2."Da li imaš pravo" ("Do You Have The Right")D. AndonovD. Andonov3:59
3."M.F. Gru" ("M.F. Gru")D. AndonovD. Andonov3:42
4."Zašto sam tu" ("Why Am I Here")D. AndonovD. Andonov4:16
5."Pravo u raj" ("Right to Heaven")D. AndonovD. Andonov3:26
6."Geto" ("Ghetto")D. AndonovD. Andonov3:02
7."Život nije uvek lep" ("Life Isn't Always Beautiful")D. AndonovD. Andonov3:28
8."Samo novi dani" ("Only New Days")D. AndonovD. Andonov4:19
9."On je lud" ("He's Crazy")D. AndonovD. Andonov4:57
10."Uzmi pare I beži" ("Take the Cash and Run")D. AndonovD. Andonov4:14
11."Oseti žurbu" ("Feel the Rush")D. AndonovD. Andonov4:04
12."Gru Out" ("Gru Out")D. AndonovD. Andonov3:48
13.""Život je lep"" ("Life is Beautiful")D. Andonov, M. RajićD. Andonov2:58


This album received generally positive reviews from critics[10][11], including Serbian music critic and producer Dragan Pajović, who described this album as "an eclectic approach to music by combining genres of funk and rap".[12][13] Musicians Leontina Vukomanović and Nenad Jovanović have praised the album for the songs Geto and On je lud, for the aspect of merging funk and hip-hop.[14][15]

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