DIPAL Party (Discipline, Equality, Patriotism, Love, and Liberty), (in Spanish: Partido DIPAL, PD, Disciplina, Igualdad, Patriotismo, Amor y Libertad) [1] was a Panamanian political party.

The DIPAL Party was created by Alfredo Alemán, in 1959 "as a non-political organization to foster better relations between negroes and whites in Panama". [2]

Alfredo Alemán was a National Guard major under Commandant José Antonio Remón Cantera and later served as Minister of Finance in Remon's cabinet. [3]

In 1960 it allied with the Popular Alliance and its candidate Víctor Florencio Goytía. In 1964 it allied with the National Opposition Alliance (ANO) and its candidate Juan de Arco Galindo. [4]

In 1964 the PD registered as a political party, joining the ANO, but polled barely 3000 votes. [2]

The PD was abolished by the Electoral Tribunal in 1964. [2]


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