D.o.A: The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle

D.o.A: The Third and Final Report is the second studio album by industrial music pioneers Throbbing Gristle, released in December 1978 by record label Industrial.

D.o.A: The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle
Studio album by
Released4 December 1978
RecordedSeptember 1977 – May 1978
Throbbing Gristle chronology
The Second Annual Report
D.o.A: The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle
20 Jazz Funk Greats


The first 1,000 records issued were enclosed with a card calendar with color photos of a little girl on a bed. Another pressing of 1,000 copies was recut with false track markers (the "bands" visible on a vinyl disc) to give it the appearance of having fifteen tracks of exactly equal length and a short 16th track. The official TG discography called this pressing the "Structuralist Spirals" edition. The single "United", which had garnered some popularity due to its relatively accessible style, was included on the album on fast forward, reducing its running time from 4:03 to 16 seconds. Later reissues of the Album omit the inset of the little girl and the card calendar due to its visual closeness to child pornography by modern standards.[1]

Critical receptionEdit

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic     [2]
The Austin Chronicle     [3]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide     [5]
Spin Alternative Record Guide7/10[6]

Pitchfork described the album as "a nauseating masterpiece, and an essential recording".[4] AllMusic stated that the album "is nearly as harsh and uncompromising as The Second Annual Report. While both albums are a mixture of live and studio material, D.o.A is much more stylistically varied -- rather than focusing on multiple versions of the same pieces (plus a 20-minute film score), each of the 13 tracks is distinct, ranging from captured conversations to thoroughly composed creations."[2]

The album was included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.[8] On the album, Throbbing Gristle member Chris Carter recalled: "DoA showcased some of our strongest work and established the course we would head in."[7]

Track listingEdit

All tracks are written by Throbbing Gristle (Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris Carter, Peter Christopherson), except as noted.

Side A
1."I.B.M."  2:35
2."Hit by a Rock"  2:32
3."United"  0:16
4."Valley of the Shadow of Death"ChristophersonChristopherson4:01
5."Dead on Arrival"  6:08
6."Weeping"P-Orridge, Ewa ZajacP-Orridge5:31
Side B
1."Hamburger Lady"Dr. Al Ackerman (original text author) 4:15
2."Hometime"Fanni TuttiFanni Tutti3:46
4."E-Coli"  4:16
5."Death Threats"  0:41
6."Walls of Sound"  2:48
7."Blood on the Floor"  1:07
CD bonus tracks
14."Five Knuckle Shuffle"6:43
15."We Hate You (Little Girls)"2:08
2011 remastered edition bonus disc
1."Introduction" (live)1:15
2."It's Always the Way" (live)5:40
3."Industrial Muzak" (live)6:23
4."Cabaret Voltaire" (live)4:03
5."Hamburger Lady" (live)3:53
6."IBM" (live)5:22
7."New After Cease to Exist Soundtrack" (live)4:46
8."Whistling Song" (live)5:35
9."Mother Spunk" (live)3:38
10."Five Knuckle Shuffle"2:08
11."We Hate You (Little Girls)"6:48


  • Genesis P-Orridge – vocals, bass guitar, violin, effects (track A6), production (tracks A1–A3, A5, B1, B4, B6 and B7)
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti – lead guitar, effects, tape, production (tracks A1–A3, A5, B1, B4, B6 and B7)
  • Chris Carter – synthesizer, electronics, tape, production (tracks A1–A3, A5, B1, B4, B6 and B7)
  • Peter Christopherson – tape, electronics, production (tracks A1–A4, A5, B1, B4, B6 and B7)
Additional personnel
  • Robin Banks – voice (track B5)
  • Simone Estridge – voice (track B5)


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