Dönemeç (Armenian: Անգղ; Kurdish: Engîl) is a village in the Edremit district of Van Province in Turkey. It is located on the right bank of the Engil River [tr] at a distance of 15 kilometers from the town of Edremit.

Dönemeç is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 38°20′34″N 43°13′44″E / 38.3428°N 43.2290°E / 38.3428; 43.2290Coordinates: 38°20′34″N 43°13′44″E / 38.3428°N 43.2290°E / 38.3428; 43.2290
Country Turkey
ProvinceVan Province
DistrictEdremit District
 • Total1,138
Time zoneUTC+3


The village was originally called Engil, from the Armenian name of the village Anggh (variations include Ang, Angegh, and Anguyl), which literally means "vulture" in Armenian.[1] The village was supposedly named this because of the large number of vultures living in the area.[1] It was renamed Dönemeç during the republican era.


Dönemeç is located 7 kilometers away from the coast of Lake Van, on the right bank of the Engil River, also called the Dönemeç or Hoşap River (historically known as the Khoshab or Anggh River in Armenian).[1] The village is about 1660 to 1685 meters above sea level.[2]


The village was historically populated by Armenians and fell into the Hayots Dzor canton of the Vaspurakan province of historical Armenia.[1] There are a number of ruined churches and monasteries in the area surrounding the village.[1]

In 1872 a number of inhabitants of the village wrote a letter seeking to cooperate with the secret organization "Union for Salvation" (Armenian: Միութիւն ի Փրկութիւն), which was founded in Van that same year and aimed at the betterment of conditions for Armenians, one of the first such Armenian political organizations.[1][2]

In 1877, the village fell victim to a raid by the Kurdish tribal leader Jalaleddin. Many of the villagers were killed during the Hamidian massacres.[2] The village was periodically attacked and looted after 1896.[2] Its population was approximately 495 at the beginning of the twentieth century, consisting mainly of Armenians and a few Kurds.[2] During the Armenian genocide, most of the village's inhabitants were massacred, while a small number managed to flee and reach Eastern Armenia.[1]

Since the Armenian genocide the village has been inhabited by Kurds.[1]


Historical population of Dönemeç[2]
Year Armenian Kurdish Total
Households Persons Households Persons Households Persons
1855 53 315 53 315
1873 50 50
1883 70 70
1895 60 60
1897 84 1 85
1906 90–100 90–100
1909 105 492 105 492
1914 108 678 108 678
1915 (pre-genocide) 150 880 150 880
Nov. 1915 6 30 6 30
Oct. 1916 21 21
1990 940 940
2000 1249 1249
2011 1207 1207
2012 1170 1170


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