Cynet (company)

Cynet is a cyber-security company. It converges essential cyber security technologies that helps enterprises to identify security loopholes and threat intelligence, and manage endpoint security. It was founded in 2015 in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and is headquartered in Boston, United States. [1][2]

IndustryInformation security, Cybersecurity
FoundersEyal Gruner, Netanel Amar
United States
Key people
Eyal Gruner (CEO), Netanel Amar (COO)
ProductsEndpoint security, Security and IT operations, Threat intelligence
Number of employees
234 (2021)


Eyal Gruner and Netanel Amar are the co-founders of Cynet.[citation needed]

In 2015, a team of researchers from Cynet and BugSec discovered vulnerabilities in Next Generation Firewalls.[3] In 2016, they discovered major security problem in LG G3 smartphones, leaving millions of devices at risk.[4][5][6]

In June 2018, Cynet received $13 million in investment from Ibex Investors, Norwest Venture Partners, and Shlomo Kramer.[7][8]

In march 2021, Cynet raised a 40 million dollar Series C funding round.[9]

Cynet 360Edit

Cynet 360 Incidence Response Tool is an all-in-one breach protection platform of Cynet which uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation to manage vulnerabilities, threat intelligence, analyze user behavior, and give endpoint protection within a centrally unified system. It supports SaaS, IaaS, hybrid, and on-premises deployments.[10][1][11][12][13]


Year Award Ref
2019 Network Products Guide IT World Awards [14]
2017 Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards [15]
2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards [15]
2016 Cybersecurity Leaders of 2016 [15]


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