Cuvier (crater)

Cuvier is a lunar impact crater on the southern part of the Moon's near side. It is attached to the east-southeast rim of the unusually shaped formation Heraclitus. To the northeast is the crater Clairaut.

Cuvier crater 4107 h1.jpg
Coordinates50°18′S 9°54′E / 50.3°S 9.9°E / -50.3; 9.9Coordinates: 50°18′S 9°54′E / 50.3°S 9.9°E / -50.3; 9.9
Diameter75 km
Depth3.8 km
Colongitude351° at sunrise
EponymGeorges Cuvier

The rim of this crater has been worn and eroded by subsequent impacts, leaving an outer wall that has been rounded and diminished in prominence. There is a small but notable crater pair lying across the northern rim, and two other smaller craters lie along the east and south rims. There are also several small craterlets lying across the rim to the north-northwest. Where the rim is shared with Heraclitus, there is a slight inward bulge to the wall, producing a short section where the rim appears slightly flatter.

The interior floor is level and nearly featureless, and much of the floor appears to have been resurfaced. This surface does not possess the low albedo characteristic of the lunar mare, and it matches the hue of the surrounding terrain. Instead, the floor is marked by faint traces of ray material from elsewhere.

Satellite cratersEdit

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Cuvier.

Cuvier Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 52.4° S 12.0° E 18 km
B 51.7° S 13.8° E 17 km
C 49.9° S 11.7° E 9 km
D 51.3° S 7.8° E 17 km
E 52.3° S 12.9° E 19 km
F 52.2° S 11.2° E 16 km
G 50.8° S 7.5° E 8 km
H 48.6° S 8.5° E 10 km
J 49.3° S 8.8° E 6 km
K 52.2° S 10.0° E 8 km
L 48.9° S 9.8° E 13 km
M 53.3° S 10.9° E 6 km
N 53.4° S 12.1° E 4 km
O 51.6° S 12.1° E 10 km
P 50.0° S 12.7° E 11 km
Q 51.6° S 10.6° E 13 km
R 51.0° S 13.1° E 7 km


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