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Cussewago Creek is a 35.08 mi (56.46 km) long tributary to French Creek that is classed as a 4th order stream on the EPA waters geoviewer site.[3]

Cussewago Creek
Tributary to French Creek
The Kaldron (1922) (14753365256).jpg
A 1922 photograph of Cussewago Creek
Cussewago Creek is located in Pennsylvania
Cussewago Creek
Location of Cussewago Creek mouth
Cussewago Creek is located in the United States
Cussewago Creek
Cussewago Creek (the United States)
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
Sourcedivide between Cussewago Creek and Elk Creek
 ⁃ locationabout 0.25 miles north of Eureka Corners, Pennsylvania
 ⁃ coordinates41°54′33″N 080°12′08″W / 41.90917°N 80.20222°W / 41.90917; -80.20222[1]
 ⁃ elevation1,315 ft (401 m)[2]
MouthFrench Creek
 ⁃ location
Meadville, Pennsylvania[2]
 ⁃ coordinates
41°38′21″N 080°09′44″W / 41.63917°N 80.16222°W / 41.63917; -80.16222Coordinates: 41°38′21″N 080°09′44″W / 41.63917°N 80.16222°W / 41.63917; -80.16222[1]
 ⁃ elevation
1,063 ft (324 m)[1]
Length35.08 mi (56.46 km)[3]
Basin size97.29 square miles (252.0 km2)[4]
 ⁃ locationFrench Creek
 ⁃ average166.02 cu ft/s (4.701 m3/s) at mouth with French Creek[4]
Basin features
River systemAllegheny River
 ⁃ leftSpring Run
 ⁃ rightWest Branch Cussewago Creek
Carr Run
BridgesI-86, Hazen Road, North Road, Findley Lake Road, Greenman Road, I-86, Station Road, Ashton Road, NY 89, Wildman Road, Knoyle Road, Jones Road, PA 89,

Variant namesEdit

According to the Geographic Names Information System, it has also been known historically as:[1]

  • Cassewago Creek
  • Kossewago Creek

The name of the creek is alleged to come from the aboriginal inhabitants, and is said to mean, "big belly".[5]


Cussewago Creek rises north of Eureka Springs in Erie County, Pennsylvania and flows south into Crawford County, Pennsylvania to meet French Creek at Meadville.


Cussewago Creek drains 97.29 square miles (252.0 km2) of Erie Drift Plain (glacial geology). The watershed receives an average of 45.4 in/year of precipitation and has a wetness index of 492.71.[4] The watershed is about 44% forested.

Natural HistoryEdit

Cussewago Creek supports a diverse fauna, including mammals, amphibians, fishes, and mollusks.[6]

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