Curaçao Medical Center

Curaçao Medical Center is the main hospital of Curaçao. It is located in the Otrobanda district of Willemstad, and serves a replacement for the Sint-Elisabeth Hospital.[3] The hospital opened on 15 November 2019,[2] and has been constructed next to the Sint-Elisabeth Hospital.[3] As of 2021, the hospital has 300 beds, and a staff of 1,170 people.[1]

Curaçao Medical Center
Earl HNO mester di permit 1 (cropped).png
Model of the Curaçao Medical Center
LocationOtrobanda, Willemstad, Curaçao
Coordinates12°06′35″N 68°56′33″W / 12.10982°N 68.94238°W / 12.10982; -68.94238Coordinates: 12°06′35″N 68°56′33″W / 12.10982°N 68.94238°W / 12.10982; -68.94238
FundingGovernment hospital
Opened15 November 2019[2]
ListsHospitals in Curaçao


The main hospital of Curaçao used to be the Sint-Elisabeth Hospital which also had a regional function for speciality care for the other islands of the Dutch Antilles.[3] The hospital was constructed in 1855, and was no longer up to international standards. In 2011, it was decided to construct a new hospital next to the existing hospital.[4] The Curaçao Medical Center opened on 15 November 2019,[2] and all the existing patients were moved to the new hospital.[5] The hospital was fully operational in one week.[6]


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