Cumbum Valley

Cumbum Valley, also called Kambam Valley, is a valley in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu state in India near the Kerala state border. This is the most fertile valley in south India, The valley includes lands between Thekkadi Hills, Varusanadu Hills, and Kodaikanal Hills.

It is one of the few places in Tamil Nadu producing grapes. Cumbum valley produces about 90,000 tonnes of muscat grapes and 10,000 tonnes of Thomson seedless grapes every year.[1]

Cumbum Valley in Theni District, Tamil Nadu, India.jpg


  1. Cumbum
  2. Chinnamanur
  3. Gudalur
  4. Lower Camp
  5. Surulipatti
  6. Kamaya Koundan Patti
  7. Hanumanthanpatty
  8. Pudupatty
  9. Rayappanpatty
  10. Anaimalayanpatty
  11. Ramasamynayakkanpatti
  12. Paramathevanpatti


Coordinates: 9°44′24″N 77°16′53″E / 9.739973°N 77.281267°E / 9.739973; 77.281267