Culture, Society and Masculinities

Culture, Society and Masculinities was a peer-reviewed journal first published in early 2009 as the fifth published by Men's Studies Press, and closing at the end of 2016.[1]

Culture, Society and Masculinities
DisciplineMen's studies
Edited byDiederik F. Janssen
Publication details
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Cult. Soc. Masculinities
ISSN1941-5583 (print)
1941-5591 (web)
OCLC no.212375779

Culture, Society and Masculinities complements the field's pioneering and longest running journal, The Journal of Men's Studies. It specifically provides a forum for emergent explorations of themes and scales larger than the strictly psychological, and of perspectives that aim to situate local (micro-ethnographic) findings in broader historical, political and/or sociological frameworks. This means cultural and cross-cultural psychological projects do fit the aims of this new journal. It especially invites work that rethinks or elaborates existing ideas and concepts of globalization and regionalization. Priority is given to reviews and critical discussions either of theory development or policy trends. Areas of research include:

  • cultural psychology
  • cross-cultural and trans-cultural studies
  • cultural, social, historical, comparative and philosophical anthropology
  • ethnic studies
  • postcolonial studies
  • international conflict studies
  • gender policy studies
  • social/human geography
  • media studies; and
  • (art) historical studies.

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  1. ^ Janssen, Diederik F. (Fall 2016). "Editorial". Culture, Society and Masculinities. Men's Studies Press. 8 (2): 99.

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