Cuciurgan Reservoir

Cuciurgan Reservoir (Kuchurhan in Ukrainian; Kuchurgan in Russian) is a large water reservoir, built on Kuchurhan River on the state border between Ukraine and Moldova.

Cuciurgan Reservoir
Kuchurgany reservoir1.jpg
LocationOdessa Oblast, Transnistria
CoordinatesCoordinates: 46°36′00″N 29°58′00″E / 46.6°N 29.9667°E / 46.6; 29.9667
TypePower station reservoir
Primary inflowsKuchurhan River
Primary outflowsTurunchuk River
Basin countriesUkraine, Moldova, Transnistria

The lake is located in the south-eastern part of Transnistria, on the border with the Odessa Oblast of Ukraine and its water resources are shared between the two countries.[1] It was created by damming the Kuchurhan River just north of where it flows into the Dniester. The reservoir is 20 km long and has a width of 3 km at the side of the dam. It has a total water surface area of 27.2 square kilometers. Before construction of the dam, there was already a liman in the southern part of the Kuchurhan river valley.

Lake Cuciurgani is a popular resort area for the inhabitants of nearby Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria. The fossil fuel burning power station at Dnestrovsc utilizes water from the reservoir. There is no hydroelectric power plant associated with the dam.


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