Cuby + Blizzards

Cuby + Blizzards, also known as Cuby & the Blizzards, were a Dutch blues group, founded in 1964 by vocalist Harry Muskee and guitarist Eelco Gelling.[1] During the 1960s, the band's mixture of sound, drawing upon a variety of genres which included blues and rock and roll, gave them a pioneering sound which was completely different from any other Dutch band in the same period. The spelling of the name varies, with 'Cuby' also written as 'QB' and the ampersand (&) also written as 'and' or '+' and the 'and' sometimes left out. The spelling 'Cuby + Blizzards' was used on the first albums.

Cuby + Blizzards
Cuby + Blizzards performing for Dutch television in 1968
Cuby + Blizzards performing for Dutch television in 1968
Background information
OriginThe Netherlands
GenresBlues rock
Years active1964–2011


Cuby + Blizzards originated from Drenthe Grolloo with members Harry Muskee (whose dog was called Cuby), Eelco Gelling, Nico Schröder and Hans Kinds.[2] The band's first single, a blues-based track bearing similarities to The Pretty Things output, was "Stumble and Fall" in 1965.[1] They had their first top 40 hit with "Back Home" in the Netherlands 1966. In 1967 they toured with Van Morrison (after he had left Them),[1] recorded an album, Praise the Blues with U.S. blues musician Eddie Boyd[1] and scored a top 10 hit with "Window of My Eyes".[2] That year, John Mayall stayed at their farm and the next year they regularly played with the 'king of British blues' Alexis Korner, who is featured on their album Live in Düsseldorf (1968).

The line-up of the band changed regularly, but founders Harry Muskee and Eelco Gelling remained at the core of the band until 1976. Herman Brood was the pianist from early 1967 until mid-1969 (which kickstarted his career) and again in 1976. Also in 1976, Gelling left to join Golden Earring. Muskee then decided to drop the name C+B and to form the Harry Muskee Band.[1] This band recorded one album before Muskee decided to leave the music business. In 1980 he formed the Muskee Gang with a line-up of Herman Deinum (bass guitar) and Hans la Faille (drums), who had both joined C+B in 1969, together with saxophonist Rudy van Dijk, Paul Smeenk (guitar) and Jeff Reynolds (trumpet).

Among the best known songs released by the band were "Another Day, Another Road", "Distant Smile", "Window Of My Eyes" and "Appleknockers Flophouse".[2]

In 1996 Cuby + Blizzards re-formed without Eelco Gelling, who was replaced by Erwin Java on guitar. In 2004 they went on a theater tour to honor John Lee Hooker. C+B came to an end when Harry Muskee died of cancer on 26 September 2011.

The band received an Edison award for their debut album Desolation. The song "Window of My Eyes" (a Top 10 hit in The Netherlands in 1968), was featured over the ending credits for the 2010 film The American.


Cuby + Blizzards (Dutch TV, 1966)
Early line-up
Late sixties line-up
  • Harry Muskee, vocals
  • Eelco Gelling, guitar
  • Herman Deinum, bass guitar
  • Hans la Faille, drums
  • Helmig van der Vegt, piano
1983 – line-up
  • Harry Muskee, vocals
  • Rudy Van Dijk, tenor sax
  • Paul Smeenk, guitar
  • Herman Deinum, bass
  • Hans Lafaille, drums
  • Jeff Reynolds, trumpet
Reunion line-up 1996-2011
  • Harry Muskee, vocals
  • Erwin Java, guitar
  • Herman Deinum, bass guitar
  • Hans la Faille, drums
  • Helmig van der Vegt, piano


  • 2021: Grollo Blues
  • 2021: Live At Bellevue Assen
  • 2009: Cats Lost
  • 2000: Travelling with the Blues
  • 1983: Please no 'moke (as support act for Van Morrison)
  • 1981: Live
  • 1979: The Forgotten Tapes
  • 1979: Live' Featuring Herman Brood Live
  • 1977: Old Times Good Times
  • 1976: Kid Blue
  • 1975: Red White & Blue
  • 1974: Cuby's Blues (Best of…)
  • 1974: Attention!
  • 1973: Ballads
  • 1972: Sometimes
  • 1971: Simple Man
  • 1970: King Of The World
  • 1969: Too Blind To See
  • 1969: Cuby's Blues (double album)
  • 1969: Appleknockers Flophouse
  • 1968: Trippin' Thru' A Midnight Blues
  • 1968: On The Road *
  • 1968: Live! At the Rheinhalle Düsseldorf (with Alexis Korner)
  • 1967: Praise The Blues (with Eddie Boyd)
  • 1967: Groeten Uit Grollo (German version known as Soul)
  • 1966: Desolation (British version came out in 1968)


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