Crossroads Christian Academy

Crossroads Christian Academy is a private Christian English-language school in Corozal, Panama.[1] Established in 1997, the school serves students in prekindergarten through 12th grade and is accredited by the Panamanian ministry of education.

Crossroads Christian Academy
Omar Torrijos Herrera Ave.

Religious affiliation(s)Christian
DirectorBeth Almack


Crossroads Christian Academy began in 1997 with only 29 students. In 1999, when Panama gained control of the Panama Canal Zone and many Americans left, the school faced the possibility of closure. However, the school remained open and have continued to operate well. There have been four directors at CCA so far, including Pastor Bob Gunn, Dr. Frank Martens, and Jacqueline Wiese. Jacqueline Wiese served as the director of CCA beginning in the spring semester of 2006 and ending in the fall semester of 2008. After this, Pastor Bob Gunn was the director again through June 2010. Later, director Scott Bose took over. In the fall of 2015, Beth Almack took his place as director.


CCA uses an American curriculum, except for the Spanish classes. Some courses, including the Honors courses in math and English, are only available depending on the availability of teachers. Honors courses are designed to prepare students for AP exams in areas such as AP Statistics, AP Calculus and AP English Literature and Composition. These courses are only taught by AP-trained instructors. Textbook changes have recently gone into effect as the school has changed from the A Beka Book curriculum in all subject areas to a variety of both Christian and secular resources. High School English uses Purposeful Design textbooks from TextWord Press, and the middle school science curriculum is also from a Christian publisher. In Middle School English, Holt, Rinehart and Winston books are used in the classroom. Elementary recently changed to the Scott Foresman language arts textbooks. All levels use the "History Alive" textbook series in their history classrooms. Math textbooks are also from Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Religious instruction is taught in weekly chapel sessions with the students and in separate Bible credits that students are required to take. Teachers are also encouraged to integrate a Christian world view into their lesson planning and teaching strategies. CCA is accredited among the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, as of May 2010. All teachers have BA or BS degrees, and 10 current teachers have more advanced degrees. Some electives offered at CCA include art, computer applications, and speech, though courses vary from year to year.


In the 2010-2011 year, there were 260 students. 28% were U.S. citizens, 40% were Panamanian, and the rest were citizens of over 16 countries, including China, Russia, India, Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, the EU and various other locations around the world. These numbers do not necessarily reflect those students that possess dual citizenship. As of fall 2010, 73 of these students were enrolled in grades 9-12.


CCA is a non-profit school, and therefore tries to keep costs low. During the 2012-2013 year, the tuition per month is $310 for Kindergarten, $380 for Elementary, $410 for Middle school, and $440 for high school. There is also a one-time entrance fee of $5000 and a yearly registration fee of $600.

Extracurricular activitiesEdit

The main sports taught at CCA are basketball and volleyball in the fall, and soccer and track in the spring. CCA is a part of the Sport Association of Private Schools in Panama (ADECOP), and the Association of American Schools in Central America (AASCA). These Associations frequently schedule sport games and tournaments throughout the year. CCA's mascot is the Eagle. Basketball and soccer are the two primary competitive team sports that have especially developed during the past couple of years at CCA; these sports contain organized middle school and high school level teams for both boys and girls leagues. Students also have the option of participating in teacher-organized dramas, which happen under the initiative of individual teachers. Elementary students in the past performed Jack and the Beanstalk, and Cinderella. Secondary students in the past have performed Hamlet (Spring 2005) and Arsenic and Old Lace (Spring 2007). Elementary students all participate in an annual Christmas musical presentation, and secondary students are invited to act in short drama skits in the Christmas presentation. Beginning in the 2008-2009 school year, an 8th grade choir was put together that performed in school chapel, the Christmas program and at another local area private school. Students are offered teachers for private music lessons, and perform annual or bi-annual recitals either during chapel sessions or at the Christmas program. These music lessons usually involve piano, voice, and guitar, although lessons in percussion are also available. Although CCA's yearbook was designated as a class elective in 2008-2009, in the past it has also been a voluntary extracurricular activity.


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