Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association

Coordinates: 25°01′45″N 121°32′54″E / 25.029291°N 121.548255°E / 25.029291; 121.548255

The Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association (CSTEA; simplified Chinese: 海峡两岸旅游交流协会; traditional Chinese: 海峽兩岸旅遊交流協會; pinyin: Hǎixiá Liǎng'àn Lǚyóu Jiāoliú Xiéhuì) or Association for Tourism Exchange across the Taiwan Straits (ATETS) is a semi-official representative office of the People's Republic of China in Taiwan handling tourism-related affairs.[1][2] Its counterpart body in Mainland China by the Republic of China is the Taiwan Strait Tourism Association.

Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association
Agency overview
Formed7 May 2010
JurisdictionRepublic of China
Minister responsible
WebsiteAssociation for Tourism Exchange across the Taiwan Straits (in Chinese)

The CSTEA office is located in Ruentex Tower at Daan District, Taipei.[3][4][5]


The official opening ceremony of CSTEA in Taiwan was held at the Grand Hotel in Taipei on 7 May 2010.[citation needed] The ceremony was attended by people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Shao Qiwei, President of CSTEA, represented Mainland China and served as both of the main speaker and master of ceremonies during the banquet.

Kao Koong-lian, Vice Chairperson of Straits Exchange Foundation, and Janice Lai, Director-General of the Tourism Bureau of the ROC Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Chairperson of Taiwan Strait Tourism Association were also present during the ceremony.


The main tasks of CSTEA are:[citation needed]

  • Consulting in tourism-related affairs
  • Facilitating communications
  • Handling disputes
  • Promoting cross-strait tourism


The office is accessible within walking distance southeast from Daan Station of the Taipei Metro.[citation needed]

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