The Cromwell Cup was the second ever Sheffield rules football competition (after the Youdan Cup) and was held in Sheffield, England. It was held in February 1868 and named after Oliver Cromwell, manager of the local Alexandra Theatre (not the Lord Protector or Sir Oliver Cromwell), who donated the cup.[1] He also played for the Garrick club. The tournament was only open to teams under two years old.[2] The final was held at Bramall Lane, Sheffield. The trophy is still held in the Sheffield Wednesday trophy cabinet.[1]

Cromwell Cup
Number of Teams
The Wednesday
1868 Cromwell Cup Final, Wednesday v Garrick, Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 17 February 1868

Sheffield Rules at the time involved rouges as well as goals. Garrick were expected to sweep aside the newly created Wednesday team. Despite this the final remained 0(0)-0(0) at the end of the regulation 90 minutes. Both captains then agreed to carry on playing for a result with the scorer of the first goal taking the trophy. After another 10 minutes of play, Wednesday finally broke the deadlock with a goal, thus claiming their first trophy.

Participating teams

Participating clubs[3]
Team Foundation No. of members Home ground Colours
Exchange[4] 1863 120 Hallam's Farm Scarlet & white
Garrick 1866 (October) 400 East Bank Red, white, & blue
Wednesday 1867 170 Highfield Blue & white hoops[5]
Wellington 1866 150 Houndsfields Park Puce & white


Date Team 1 Goals (Rouges) Team 2 Ground
First Round
1 February 1868 The Wednesday 4 (3) – 0 (0) Exchange Mackenzie Ground
8 February 1868 Garrick 0 (1) – 0 (0) Wellington Mackenzie Ground
15 February 1868 The Wednesday 1 (0) – 0 (0) a.s.d.e.t. Garrick Bramall Lane

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