Crimean–Circassian War (1479)

The Crimean-Circassian Wars of 1479–1490 refers to a series of military conflicts between the Crimean Khanate and the Kabardian Principality.[1][2]

Crimean-Circassian War (1479-1490)
Part of Crimean-Circassian Wars
Crimea, Circassia
Result Crimean victory
Autonomous Republic of Crimea Crimean Khanate Kabardia (East Circassia)
Commanders and leaders
Autonomous Republic of Crimea Mengli I Giray Tabulda
Peterzeqo (Petrezok)
300,000+ 10,000-15,000
Casualties and losses
60,000+ 7,000+



In 1479, a campaign of the Crimean Tatars took place on the lands of the Circassians. They outnumbered the Kabardians and captured the fortresses of Kopa and Anapa, where many Turkish garrisons were left. Some Circassians were captured and sold into slavery meanwhile others kept on fighting.[1]

At the very beginning of the 1490s, the Crimean Khan Mengli Gerai undertook a campaign against the Circassians. This was the first campaign of the Crimean khans in a series of numerous campaigns against the tribes of the Circassians, Circassians and Kabardians in order to conquer and subdue them.[2]


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