Creative Capital China

Creative Capital China is a Chinese design firm located in Shanghai.


The firm was founded in Shanghai, China by Louis Houdart in 2010.[1] It also has offices in Shenzhen and New York.[2][3] Houdart serves as the CEO,[4] Gianvito d’Onghia is the managing partner of the firm in Shenzhen.[5]


The company has worked with European lifestyle companies in China as well as pushing little-known Chinese brands in Western markets.[6] Creative Capital China is one of the only companies in China that focuses on widening awareness of Chinese companies in non-Chinese markets.[7] They also help companies with rebranding during seasonal periods, such as Chinese New Year.[8] In addition to international outreach, Creative Capital also markets local Chinese companies within the domestic region in order for them to compete with foreign competition,[9] including promoting foreign festival like Valentine's Day in China.[10] Their work includes the production of campaigns and retail store design.[11] Companies that Creative Capital have worked with include Saint James,[12] Lancôme,[2] Dom Perignon,[2] Baume & Mercier,[8] Aimer,[10] and GoodBaby.[6]

Design workEdit

Creative Capital has also created two eyewear brands in China, as well as retail store designs for children's goods.[6] They are also design partners of the retail chains 16th North and Kitchen Spring.[13]


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