Crazy Woman Creek

Crazy Woman Creek is a creek in the United States, in Johnson County, Wyoming.

Crazy Woman Creek is a tributary of the Powder River

There are several legends about the name. It was the site of a trading post and the site of battles in the American Indian Wars. It was also a locale of the Johnson County War.

An FAA-operated VOR navigation beacon, named after this area, is located about seven miles (12 km) southeast of the creek. Crazy Woman VOR's FAA three-letter station designator is CZI.

The creek that winds and twists for a long distance is large enough that it is broken into three sections, an upper, middle and lower section.

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Coordinates: 44°29′00″N 106°07′56″W / 44.48333°N 106.13222°W / 44.48333; -106.13222