Crash and Burn (book)

Crash and Burn is a memoir by the American comedian Artie Lange. The book was published by Touchstone Books on October 29, 2013.[1][2] The book has appeared on The New York Times Bestseller List.[3]

Crash and Burn
Artie Lange Crash and Burn.jpg
Hadcover cover
AuthorArtie Lange
Anthony Bozza
CountryUnited States
SubjectPersonal memoirs
PublisherTouchstone Books
Publication date
October 29, 2013
Media typeHardcover


In a September 2013, interview with The Tampa Tribune, Artie Lange spoke about the book, saying: "The new book is the most honest thing I've ever done in my life. I just had to look at it again with my lawyer and I barely could get through it. It's about the last four years, when I was in mental institutions, rehabs, hurting myself, being in the hospital. It just starts to show how a successful guy and self-made man has everything go down the toilet because of a drug habit. It's the only thing standing between him being multi-multimillionaire. But I'm off the drugs now. Now it's just eating."[4]


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