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Cranbrook Estate

Cranbrook Estate

The Cranbrook Estate is a housing estate in Bethnal Green, East London designed by Francis Skinner, Douglas Bailey and an elder mentor, Berthold Lubetkin[1]

The site, which is east of Bonner Street and north of Roman Road, was called Cranbrook after the central street. "Terraced houses, workshops, and one large factory were replaced by a figure of eight called Mace Street, which echoed the diagonals of the street pattern to the north."[2] The six tower blocks were opened in 1963 and are named after towns and boroughs that Bethnal Green (but now Tower Hamlets) was, at the time, twinned with – Alzette, Mödling, Offenbach, Puteaux, St Gilles and Velletri. Tillburg House is also named after the City of Tilburg in the Netherlands, but is a low-rise building. [3]

In June 2017, after the Grenfell Tower fire, further fire risk assessments on the high-rise buildings in the estate were conducted and the tower blocks deemed to be a 'high/substantial fire risk'. Further fire safety advice had been given to residents "to prevent a fire in the home" and reassurance has been given that they "are safe to remain in their homes". Mayor John Biggs said however, the recommendations for changes it had received "were not unmanageable".[4]


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