Crab on its Back

Crab on its Back (Dutch: Een op zijn rug liggende krab) is an oil painting by Vincent van Gogh. It is a still life of a crab lying on its back with a green background. The Van Gogh Museum dates the work to August–September 1887,[1] while other sources date it to early 1889.[2] The painting is in the permanent collection of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.[1]

Crab on its Back
Dutch: Een op zijn rug liggende krab
Crustacean, lying on his back by Vincent van Gogh (Van Gogh museum photograph).jpg
ArtistVincent van Gogh
Year1887 or 1889 (disputed) (1887 or 1889 (disputed))
CatalogueF 605
TypeStill life
MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions38 cm × 46.5 cm (15 in × 18.3 in)
LocationVan Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The painting is possibly inspired by a Japanese print of a crab by Hokusai that Van Gogh had seen in the magazine Le Japon Artistique, which his brother Theo van Gogh had sent him in September 1888.[1][3]

Related workEdit

Van Gogh also painted Two Crabs (1889), a still life with two crabs one of which is lying on its back, on display in the National Gallery in London.[3]

Two Crabs (1889)


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