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A decorative or ornamental knot (also fancy knot[1]) is an often complex knot exhibiting repeating patterns. A decorative knot is generally a knot that not only has practical use but is also known for its aesthetic or ornamental qualities.[2] Often originating from maritime use, "decorative knots are not only serviceable and functional but also enhance the ship-shape appearance of any vessel."[3] Decorative knots may be used alone or in combination,[4] and may consist of single or multiple strands.[5][6]

Monkey's fist knot

Though the word decorative sometimes implies that little or no function is served, the craft of decorative knot tying generally combines both form and function.[5]

Coxcombing is decorative knotwork performed by sailors during the Age of Sail to dress-up, protect, or help identify specific items and parts of ships and boats.

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