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The lordship of Bouillon was in the 10th and 11th century one of the core holdings of the Ardennes–Bouillon dynasty, and appears to have been their original patrimonial possession.[1]

Coat of arms of the lordship of Bouillon[citation needed]

The Bouillon estate was a collection of fiefs, allodial land, and other rights. The collection included e.g. the allod villages of Bellevaux, Mogimont, Senseruth, and Assenois, the advocacy of the monastery of Saint-Hubert and Ardennes, and the land to the south of Bouillon, formerly the land of the abbey of Mouzon, now held as a fief of the Archbishop of Reims.

During the 10th and 11th century, the lords of Bouillon also held, for shorter or longer periods, the Duchy of Lower Lorraine, county of Verdun, margraviate of Antwerp, along with many lesser titles.

List of the lords of BouillonEdit

It is difficult to draw an exact list of the lords of Bouillon, as the lordship did not automatically follow the better documented ducal and comital titles held by the dynasty.
Since Bouillon is believed to be the patrimonial possession of the dynasty, one would believe the lordship was inherited by the oldest son.[2] Based on this assumption, one can set up a tentative list of the Lords of Bouillon:
sold to the Prince-Bishopric of Liège

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