Council of Nordic Trade Unions

The Council of Nordic Trade Unions (NFS) is a regional trade union federation. It represents 9 million members from 16 national trade unions in the Nordic countries of Europe. It was founded in 1972, and has close ties with the Baltic Sea Trade Union Network (BASTUN). The main task of NFS is to co-ordinate trade union activities in the Nordic countries, particularly with regard to employment, economic policy and different social issues. General Secretary, since 2014, is Magnus Gissler.[1][2]

Council of Nordic Trade Unions
Nordens Fackliga Samorganisation (Swe.), Pohjolan Ammatillinen Yhteisjärjestö (Fin.), Nordens Faglige Samorganisasjon (Nor.)
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
9 million
Key people
Magnus Gissler, general secretary


Affiliate[3] Abbreviation Country
Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK Finland
Confederation of State and Municipal Employees of Iceland BSRB Iceland
Confederation of Unions for Professionals UNIO Norway
Confederation of Vocational Unions YS Norway
Danish Confederation of Professional Associations AC Denmark
Danish Trade Union Confederation FH Denmark
Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK Finland
Icelandic Confederation of Labour ASÍ Iceland
Icelandic Confederation of University Graduates BHM Iceland
Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions LO Norway
Samtak Samtak Faroe Islands
National Confederation of Trade Unions of Greenland SIK Greenland
Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations SACO Sweden
Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees TCO Sweden
Swedish Trade Union Confederation LO Sweden

General SecretariesEdit

1981: John Svenningsen
1989: Sune Ahlen
c.2000: Tom Saxén
2011: Loa Brynjulfsdottir
2013: Christina Colclough
2014: Magnus Gissler


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