Cotys I (Sapaean)

Cotys I (Ancient Greek: Κότυς; died 48 BC) was a Sapaean client king of the Odrysian kingdom of Thrace from c. 57 BC to c. 48 BC. He was the son of Rhoemetalces.[1]

Cotys was an ally of the Roman general Pompey, to whom he sent a body of auxiliaries under his son Rhescuporis I in 48 BC for use in the Roman civil war against Julius Caesar.

On Cotys' death, Rhescuporis I became king under the regency of Rhoemetalces I, Cotys' younger brother.

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Cotys I (Sapaean)
Born: Unknown Died: 48 BC
Preceded by
Cotys VI
King of Thrace
57–48 BC
Succeeded by
Rhescuporis I