Cotillion (novel)

Cotillion is a Regency romance novel by Georgette Heyer that was released in 1953. It is one of the most light-hearted of Heyer's romances, avoiding the mystery, intrigue, and sensational events present in many of her novels. The story is set in 1816.

First edition cover
AuthorGeorgette Heyer
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreRegency, Romance
Publication date
Media typePrint
Pages368 pp
823/.912 22
LC ClassPR6015.E795 C68 2007

Plot summaryEdit

Heroine Kitty Charing has been brought up in rural isolation by her rich and eccentric guardian, Matthew Penicuik (pronounced PENNY-cook), whom she calls Uncle Matthew. Uncle Matthew makes the whimsical decision to name Kitty as his heiress, but only if she marries one of his extensive collection of great-nephews, the offspring of his assorted and much-loathed sisters' children.

Uncle Matthew expects that Kitty will marry Jack Westruther, his favourite great-nephew, and Kitty would be only too happy to comply: she has adored Jack for years. But Jack, while he intends someday to wed Kitty (believing that Uncle Matthew's money must be willed either to her or to him), prefers to lead a rakish lifestyle as long as possible. Confident that Kitty will not accept any of his cousins, Jack declines to attend the family party at which Uncle Matthew intends for his great-nephews to propose to Kitty.

Kitty, greatly upset by the absence of Jack and by the possibility of becoming destitute should she not accept one of the great-nephews, is further dismayed by the proposals she receives. First, there is doltish Lord Dolphinton ("Dolph"), an impoverished Irish peer under his mother's thumb. Dolph is clearly proposing because his mother wants Uncle Matthew's money. Then there is Reverend Hugh Rattray, who assures Kitty that he is very fond of her, and that she will make a very suitable wife when her youthful levity has been tempered, for he pities the fact she is a destitute orphan, to her scorn.

When another great-nephew arrives, Kitty hails him with relief. Freddy Standen is rich, good-natured, unaware of Uncle Matthew's intentions, and has no intention of marrying. Nevertheless, Kitty begs him to propose to her and invite her to London to reintroduce her to his parents, whom she has not seen for some time. She assures Freddy that once she has visited London for a month, she will break off the engagement and live quietly thereafter. When she threatens to cry, Freddy is too mortified to do anything but agree. She does not tell Freddy that she really hopes to make Jack jealous and force him to propose to her. Freddy suspects she has something up her sleeve but does not know what.

Uncle Matthew, unconvinced by the announced engagement, guesses exactly what Kitty is up to; since it falls in with his own wishes, he allows Kitty to go to London. At the same time, he assures her that he will not tolerate being left for more than a month with "that Fish"—Miss Fishguard, Kitty's governess, who will stand in as housekeeper during Kitty's absence.

The complications that ensue are reflected in the title: a cotillion was originally a dance for four couples.


Mr Matthew Penicuik - a gouty and irascible old man who made a fortune draining the Fen country.

Miss Catherine 'Kitty' Charing - the heroine. An orphan adopted by Mr Penicuik, daughter of his best friend, and heiress to his fortune (£20,000 per year) .

Mr Jack Westruthers - Mr Penicuik's favourite great-nephew, an alpha male.

Mr Freddy Standen - the oldest son of a viscount, another of Mr Penicuik's great-nephews, a man about the town, who agrees to help Kitty take a jaunt to London under the guise of an engagement.

George Rattray, Lord Biddenden - a baron, another of Mr Penicuik's great-nephews.

The honourable and reverend Hugh Rattray - a rector, another of Mr Penicuik's great-nephews.

Foster, Lord Dolphington - an Irish earl, another of Mr Pencuik's great-nephews.

Augusta, Lady Dolphington - a dowager, Foster's mother.

Hannah Plimstock - sister of a Cit.

Meg, Lady Buckhaven - Freddy's sister, Mr Penicuik's great-niece.

Camille, Chevalier d'Evron - Kitty's handsome French cousin.

Miss Olivia Broughty - a beautiful debutante.

The Scortons - déclassé connections of Miss Broughty.

Lord and Lady Legerwood - Freddy's parents.

Miss 'Fish' Fishguard - Kitty's governess and companion.

Sir Henry Gosford - a roué.