Cossacks (cartoon series)

Cossacks (Ukrainian: Козаки) is a series of Ukrainian animated comedy short films shot in the Ukrainian SSR at Kyivnaukfilm film studio. The author of the script and director is Volodymyr Dakhno.[1][2] The first episode was released in 1967 and was titled "How the Cossacks cooked kulesh". The cartoon immediately gained popularity and its heroes became Ukrainian cartoon classics.[3][4]


The series features the adventures of three Zaporozhian Cossacks: Burmylo, Korotun and Sylach,[5] who however are always portrayed nameless. The characters get into various adventures, meeting people from different countries and eras, even gods and aliens.[5] There are no dialogues in the cartoons or any text, except for the introductory or concluding word "from the author" - the action takes place in the form of intuitive scenes.[6]


In total, nine cartoons about the Cossacks were created.[5] Some series have received awards and prizes at national and international festivals.

In the early 2010s, the Ukranimafilm studio began preparing for the release of the second season of the animated series "How Cossacks…", which was to include 13 series. It was planned that the favorite characters will appear before the audience in the spring of 2014.[7] The premiere of the new series took place in 2016 and 2018.[8]


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