Cosmopolitan Music Society

The Cosmopolitan Music Society is a music education non-profit organization in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.[1]

The Cosmopolitan Music Society
Cosmopolitan Music Society.jpg
The Cosmopolitan Music Society in 2021
General information
LocationEdmonton, Alberta
Address8426 Gateway Blvd NW T6E 4B4
Coordinates53°31′15″N 113°29′44″W / 53.520759°N 113.495621°W / 53.520759; -113.495621Coordinates: 53°31′15″N 113°29′44″W / 53.520759°N 113.495621°W / 53.520759; -113.495621


The Cosmopolitan Music Society was founded in 1963 by Canadian composer Harry Pinchin.[2][3] At first the Cosmopolitan Music Society was named the Cosmopolitan Club Concert Band of Edmonton; however, by the mid 1970s the organization had shortened its name to the Cosmopolitan Music Society.[4] Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the organization held events at a range of venues in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1980, the Cosmopolitan Music Society began rehearsing and hosting events at its permanent location of 8426 Gateway Boulevard in Edmonton.[5]


The Cosmopolitan Music Society's mission is to "give amateur adult musicians and singers the opportunity to learn and perform quality jazz big band, concert band and choral music."[6] As of 2021, the society has three different concert bands that rehearse in their building.


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