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Corporation Trust Center (CT Corporation)

Corporation Trust Center (CT Corporation), 1209 North Orange Street, Wilmington, DE 19801-1120

The Corporation Trust Center, 1209 North Orange Street, is a single-story building located in the Brandywine neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware, USA, operated by CT Corporation. This is CT Corporation's location in the state of Delaware for providing "registered agent services."[1] In 2012 it was the registered agent address of no fewer than 285,000 separate businesses.[2]

Companies have offices in Delaware due to its desirable corporate taxes and law, and it is estimated that 9 billion dollars of potential taxes were not levied over the past decade, due to the Delaware loophole.[3] Offices are usually held in the state to avoid the high franchise fees associated with registering the company in Delaware and operating the corporation outside the state.[4] Notable companies that hold a post-office box at this location include Google, American Airlines, Apple Inc, General Motors, Coca-Cola, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Verizon Internet Services, and Deutsche Bank with about 430 of their more than 2,000 subsidiary companies and special purpose companies.[5][6] Both President Donald Trump, and his opponent in the United States presidential election 2016 Hillary Clinton, have registered companies at the center.[3]

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