Cornu (pl. cornua) is a Latin word for horn. Cornu may also refer to:


  • Dominique Cornu (born 1985), Belgian road and track cyclist
  • Marie Alfred Cornu, French physicist for whom the Cornu spiral is named
  • Paul Cornu (1881–1944), French engineer sometimes credited as the creator of the first helicopter


Science and medicineEdit

  • Cutaneous horn, an eruption of the skin, mostly in fair skinned persons which can be benign but is often a precursor of skin cancer



  • Cornu (subgenus), a subgenus of snails of the genus Helix, or alternatively, a separate genus
    • Cornu aspersum, species of brown garden snail, formerly known as Helix aspersa
  • One of two horn claspers associated with the penis of a bee drone

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