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Clavipectoral fascia

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Medially, it blends with the fascia covering the first two intercostal spaces, and is attached also to the first rib medial to the origin of the subclavius.

Clavipectoral fascia
Pectoralis minor.png
Latin fascia clavipectoralis
TA A04.4.01.018
FMA 37340
Anatomical terminology

Laterally, it is very thick and dense, and is attached to the coracoid process.

The portion extending from the first rib to the coracoid process is often whiter and denser than the rest, and is sometimes called the costocoracoid membrane.

Below this it is thin, and at the upper border of the pectoralis minor it splits into two layers to invest the muscle; from the lower border of the pectoralis minor it is continued downward to join the axillary fascia, and lateralward to join the fascia over the short head of the biceps brachii.

The coracoclavicular fascia is pierced by the cephalic vein, thoracoacromial artery and vein, lymphatics and lateral pectoral nerve.

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