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Copper ale

Svyturys Old Port Ale is a Scottish ale that has a copper color
Finished bottles of Otter Creek Brewing's copper ale

Copper ale is a style of ale known in part for its copper color.[1]

Some varieties of copper ale may be produced to have a bitter flavor,[2] such as that of a bitter, the English term for pale ale. Beer brewed with dark malt may contribute to a copper-colored beer.[3]



Copper ale is the flagship beer of Otter Creek Brewing, a craft brewery located in Middlebury, Vermont.[4] It is also produced by other U.S. companies, such as Boulder Beer Company in Boulder, Colorado.[1][5]

In Australia, the James Squire brand of copper ale named The Constable Copper Ale is produced.[6] James Squire products are brewed by the Malt Shovel Brewery in Sydney, Australia.

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