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Copenhagen–Ringsted Line

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The Copenhagen–Ringsted line is a railway under construction on Zealand, Denmark, connecting Copenhagen via Køge with Ringsted. Construction began on 12 September 2012,[1] and the line should be inaugurated May 2019.

København – Ringsted
Type Main line
Termini Copenhagen Central
Planned opening 2019
Operator(s) Not decided
Line length ca. 60 km (double track)
Number of tracks Double
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification 25 kV 50 Hz AC
Operating speed 250 km/h
Signalling ERTMS
Route map
Two solutions for the Copenhagen–Ringsted line.


Planning and constructionEdit

The current railway from Copenhagen to Ringsted (part of the Copenhagen–Fredericia/Taulov Line) is congested, and forms a bottleneck for which two solutions have been proposed.

In March 2007, the Danish parliament decided[2] to restrict research to two solutions, the so-called 'greenfield solution' and the 'fifth-track solution'. The fifth-track solution was rejected in late 2009,[3] although it would have been cheaper.[4]

The projected time for completion is eight years from 2010, of which construction will take five years.[5]


The main aim of the greenfield solution is to divert all trains to the new line which do not service local destinations between Copenhagen and Roskilde or between Roskilde and Ringsted. This way, local traffic can expand on the existing railway, and travel on the new line allows travel times between Copenhagen and Køge, where a station will be constructed at Køge North, to be reduced by 15 minutes.[6] Total capacity of the new line will be 24 trains per hour per direction, but this number is far larger than the current capacity of Copenhagen Central Station, which is ca. 17 trains arriving from west per hour.[7] After several issues with the new signalling system surfaced, the project leaders announced in late 2017 that initially only 1 train per hour would be able to pass the new line. According to them, capacity would later be slowly increased on an ongoing basis.[8]


The trains will follow the existing line from Copenhagen Central station through Ny Ellebjerg station. The new line will begin south of the Vigerslev Allé station, and follow the Kulbanevej street and the Motorway 21. It will go north of Ishøj and after that follow the motorway E20 all the way to Fjællebro (Kværkeby) in Ringsted Municipality from where it will go north of and parallel to the old Vestbanen line until Ringsted.[9]

Ny Ellebjerg stationEdit

The new platforms on the left

The line will have a station there connecting to the S-train line F and future metro[10].

Køge Nord StationEdit

There will be one new station, Køge North Station (Køge Nord Station), just south of the road Egedesvej and with (train) platforms both east of (S-train) (in Ølsemagle Lyng or Ølsemagle Strand) and west of the motorway (close to the village Ølsemagle further to the west), located near motorway exit 32 north of Køge. A 225 meter (738 feet) pedestrian bridge formed as a tube over the motorway will form a connection between the platforms.


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