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The Constitution River or commonly called "The Careenage", is a river located along Carlisle Bay, on the south-western portion of Barbados. The western end of the river runs through the centre of Bridgetown in Saint Michael. The river acts as a channel for heavy rain run-off from the higher interior regions of the island. Additionally, it is a small sheltered shallow passage or yacht harbour for medium-sized yachts or small craft boats to dock in the city. It is located roughly 1 km south of the man-made Deep Water Harbour on the Princess Alice Highway.

Constitution River
River crossings
Crossing Carries Location Built Notes Coordinates
Chamberlain Bridge Upper Bay Street National Heroes Sq. (North side),
Independence Sq. (South side)
2006 Carries only pedestrians and bicycles 13°05′46″N 59°36′51″W / 13.09611°N 59.61417°W / 13.09611; -59.61417 (Chamberlain Bridge)
Charles Duncan O’Neil Bridge Bridge Street The Wharf Rd. (North side),
Fairchild St. (South side)
13°05′47″N 59°36′46″W / 13.09639°N 59.61278°W / 13.09639; -59.61278 (Charles Duncan O’Neil Bridge)
Pipeline Carries utilities across the river 13°05′49″N 59°36′40″W / 13.09694°N 59.61111°W / 13.09694; -59.61111
Pedestrian Bridge East of the minibus/van stand 13°05′49″N 59°36′38″W / 13.09694°N 59.61056°W / 13.09694; -59.61056
Constitution Bridge Constitution Road Southeast of Queen's Park
James A. Tudor Roundabout Roebuck Street, and Harmony, Tweedside, and Halls Roads Globe Cinema

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Coordinates: 13°05′46″N 59°36′52″W / 13.09611°N 59.61444°W / 13.09611; -59.61444