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Constantin Bosianu

Constantin Bosianu (10 February 1815, Bucharest – 21 March 1882, Bucharest) was a Romanian jurist and politician, honorary member of the Romanian Academy, Prime Minister of Romania from 26 January to 14 June 1865. He was the first dean of the Bucharest Faculty of Law.

Then, he acts as an MP, and at the same time he is Dean of the Ilfov Bar (1871 - 1873). By the end of his life, Bosianu served as an acting mayor of Bucharest for two weeks in December 1878, and between May 29 and November 15, 1879, Constantin Bosianu was elected the Chairman of the Senate.


He studied at the prestigious school of ″St. Sava″. He worked in government, was the head of the public control chamber of the Department of Finance. After receiving a state scholarship, he continued his studies in Antwerp and Paris, where in 1844 he received a degree in literature at the Sorbonne and a Phd of law in 1851.

Returning to his homeland, he became a professor at the Roman Law at School of St. Sava, then a professor of accounting at the Central School of Agriculture and director of the department of justice. Engaged in social and political activities. As a member of the Electoral Assembly of Wallachia, on January 24, 1859, he voted to elect Alexandru Ioan Cuza to the throne of Romania. Later he was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court.

In 1864 he became Vice-President of the State Council of the United Principality of Wallachia and Moldova.

Constantin Bosianu died on March 21, 1882, at the age of 67.