Conrad Holck

Frederik Vilhelm Conrad Holck (1745–1800) was a Danish nobleman and courtier. [1]

Portrait of Conrad Holck
by Erik Pauelsen


Holck was the son of Major General Christian Christopher Holck til Orebygård (1698–1774) and Ermegaard Sophie Winterfeldt (1702–56). He was raised on the family estate at Guldborgsund. He came to court as a chamber page at a young age. Holck was a favorite companion of king Christian VII of Denmark during the first years of his reign, and were regarded to have a bad influence upon the monarch by encouraging him in decadent pleasures and by distancing him from his consort Queen Caroline Matilda [2] He was appointed Chamberlain in 1767 and Privy Councilor (geheimeråd) in 1769.[3][4]

In 1770, however, he was removed from court upon the influence of royal physician Johann Friedrich Struensee and replaced by Royal Chamberlain Enevold Brandt. In 1789, he obtained the office of county governor over Kiel, Cronshagen and Bordesholm. The remainder of his life was spent at Kiel where he died in 1800.[5]


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