Confidence Man (album)

Confidence Man is the first solo album by Matt Pryor, frontman for the New Amsterdams and Get Up Kids.

Confidence Man
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 29, 2008
RecordedFebruary 2008
GenreIndie rock
Acoustic rock
ProducerMatt Pryor
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Confidence Man
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Silent Sound Waves[3]

Recording edit

The album was written, produced, and recorded at Pryor's home studio in Lawrence, Kansas.[4] The first single off the album, entitled "Lorelai" was made available on Pryor's Myspace page. The album stemmed from Pryor's desire to write an album before he turned 30, to write and record an album by himself completely.[5]

Track listing edit

All tracks are written by Matt Pryor

Confidence Man
1."A Totally New Year"3:01
3."Still, There's A Light"2:45
4."When The World Stops Turning"2:07
5."I'm Sorry Stephen"2:21
6."We'll Be Fine"2:02
7."Confidence Man"2:41
8."I Wouldn't Change A Thing"3:11
10."Dear Lover"3:10
11."Lovers Who Have Lost Their Cause"2:56
12."Where Did I Go Wrong"2:58
13."On How Our Paths Differ"2:29
14."Who Do You Think You Are"3:31
15."It Ends Here"3:06

Personnel edit

  • Matt Pryor - vocals, guitar, percussion, piano, production
  • Colin Mahoney - mixing
  • Joe Montgomery - photography

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