Confederation of European Scouts

The Confederation of European Scouts, called in French Confédération Européenne de Scoutisme and abbreviated as CES, was formed in Brussels, Belgium, on 12 November 1978 and is still based in Belgium. CES stresses the European dimension of the Scouting programme and claims to provide the "authentic Scouting of Baden-Powell". The CES is a confederation of national federations. The CES is a split-off from the Fédération du Scoutisme Européen (FSE) later renamed to the Union Internationale des Guides et Scouts d'Europe; it left after controversies about the importance of religious elements in the single associations' programs and co-education.[1] The exact number of members of the CES is unknown.

Confederation of European Scouts
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Founded12 November 1978
PresidentTony Ward
Confederation of European Scouts
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Member organizationsEdit

CES has national federations in:[2]

Friend associations and corresponding members:

Former membersEdit

The following organizations were listed as members in 2002[8] and left the CES or were dissolved between 2002 and 2009:

  • France - Fédération Française de Scoutisme (FFDS, founded 1970); umbrella federation
    • France/Alsace - Fédération du Scoutisme Européen Alsace (FSE Alsace, all known active groups are located in Germany near Mannheim)
    • France/Picardy - Guides et Scouts St Bernard
    • France/Picardy - Scouts de la Forêt de Brocéliande
    • France/Champagne - Scouts Libres Européens
  • Spain - Confederación Española de Federaciones y Asociaciones Scouts; umbrella federation[9]
    • Spain/nationwide - Federación de Asociaciones Scouts Baden-Powell (SBP)
    • Spain/Andalusia - Asociación de Guías y Scouts ASA - Andalucía (ASA)

Another former member is the Italian Federazione del Movimento Scout Italiano (until June 2006 Federazione Scautistica Italiana; FEDERSCOUT), which left the CES in 2008 joining the World Federation of Independent Scouts.

Until 1996 the CES had a member in Portugal, the Associação das Guias e Escuteiros da Europa (Guide and Scout Association of Europe),[10] which left the CES and joined the UIGSE.



  • President: Wouter Aarts (FSE-NL)
  • Vice-President: Verena Börger (BEP)
  • Secretary: Brian Cockburn (FSE-BA)
  • Treasurer: Maite Orens (E&S)


The emblem of Europe et Scoutisme
  • The emblem of Europe et Scoutisme is based on the emblem of the CES, a Fleur-de-lis with the European stars on a blue background.
  • The Bund Europäischer Pfadfinder, the Federatie Scouting Europa Nederland and the European Scout Federation (British Association) use the old emblem of the FSE, a gold fleur-de-Lys on a red Cross Paté, with a blue background.
  • The emblem of the Organización Juvenil Española is a gold lion on a red cross potent.


The Eurojam is the Scouting jamboree of the CES.[10]

Year Location, Country Theme/Name Attendance Annotations
1981 Bramhope, United Kingdom - 700
1985 Hosenbachtal (near Niederhosenbach), Germany Pierre de Lumière (Stone of Light) > 600
1989 Heeze, The Netherlands Environment and Pollution ~ 1,000[11]
1993 Olloy-sur-Viroin, Belgium Tales and Legends 1,372
1997 Bassano Romano, Italy Let us help Europe to develop 1,645
2002 Thoresby Hall, United Kingdom Robin Hood and his merry men 417 planned for 2001 but postponed to 2002 due to the 2001 United Kingdom foot-and-mouth crisis[12]
2006[13] Hauenstein, Germany Vier Elemente (Four Elements) 401 originally planned for 2005 in Spain[14]
2010[15] Villers-sur-Lesse, Belgium Belgian comics 382 [6]
2013[16] Gilwell Ada's Hoeve, Ommen, Netherlands That monster, that cursed monster! (Saint George and the dragon) 550 [17]
2017[18] Campamento Juvenil "Raso de la Nava", Covaleda, Spain


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