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Concert at the End of Summer (Czech: Koncert na konci léta) is 1980 Czechoslovak historical biographical film.[1] The film consists pictures from life of Antonín Dvořák.[2]

Concert at the End of Summer
Koncert na konci léta Poster.jpg
Movie poster
Directed byFrantišek Vláčil
Produced byOldřich Mach
Written byZdeněk Mahler
StarringJosef Vinklář
Music byJarmil Burghauser
CinematographyJiří Macák
Edited byMiroslav Hájek
Distributed byÚstřední půjčovna filmů
Release date
1 February 1980
Running time
102 minutes



Antonín Dvořák prepares for Concert at Royal Albert Hall but bad feeling forces him to return to his homeland. While in a train, Dvořák remembers his life. He remembers when he started 15 years ago as a violinist in a Theatre. He was impressed by young actress Josefina Čermáková but she married count Kounic while Dvořák married her sister Anna. Dvořák the got into conflict with Kounic's brother Kent which almost cost him career. But support from his wife Anna and help from influential composer Brahms helps him succeed. His conflict with Kent continues as Kent orders a composition from him that he would release as his own but Dvořák manages to get rid of the contract. Dvořák returns to Prague where he is greeted by his family.




Date of ceremony Event Award Result Ref(s)
1982 Satander Exposition of Musical and Choreographic Films Kantabrian Zuber Won [3]


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