Concert Classics, Vol. 4

Concert Classics is a live album originally recorded for radio broadcast by the band U.K. This edition (and all the other variations) were released without the approval of the band, and they consider it a bootleg.

Concert Classics Vol.4
Live album by
Recorded11 July 1978
GenreProgressive rock
LabelRenaissance Records
U.K. chronology
Night After Night
Concert Classics Vol.4
Reunion – Live in Tokyo
Alternative cover
Live in Boston
Live in Boston
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars [1]
DPRP8.5/10 stars [2]

The album was recorded on 11 July 1978 at Paradise Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts and released on CD in 1999. This album was also re-released in Japan on CD in 2007 as Live in Boston. It has also been released as Live in America. On those later editions the sleeve notes date the concert as September 11, 1978 performed at Paradise Theatre, Boston. There is no specific date given on the Concert Classics edition.

Although this version of the Boston show was released against the band's permission,[3] the concert was finally "officially" mixed and released in 2016 as part of the box-set Ultimate Collector's Edition.[4]


The album contains performances of three songs ("The Only Thing She Needs", "Carrying No Cross" and "Caesar's Palace Blues") that would eventually end up on UK's second album, Danger Money (1979), without Allan Holdsworth and Bill Bruford. These versions have different arrangements, including the guitar, contrary to the latter album versions, and lyrics still in progress.

Packaging errorsEdit

The track split between "Alaska" and "Time to Kill" is wrong, placing the fast part of the former at the beginning of the latter. The packaging does not mention the final part of "By the Light of Day" and the piece "Presto Vivace" as being the opening part of the "In the Dead of Night" track, although they are there. An even greater error is that the packaging, booklet, and CD label have omitted mention of "The Only Thing She Needs" as being track 3 (thus misidentifying the track numbers for the subsequent songs), even though it actually is included on the disc for a total of seven tracks (all labeling only shows six tracks).

The version included on Ultimate Collector's Edition corrects the errors above, and gives "By the Light of Day" and "Presto Vivace" their own track numbers (thus the CD lists nine tracks).

Track listingEdit

All songs written by Eddie Jobson and John Wetton, except where noted.

1."Alaska"Eddie Jobson1:33
2."Time to Kill"Jobson, John Wetton, Bill Bruford7:17
3."The Only Thing She Needs" 7:21
4."Carrying No Cross" 9:59
5."Thirty Years"Jobson, Wetton, Bruford10:03
6."In the Dead of Night" 7:50
7."Caesar's Palace Blues" 4:30




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