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Conception is an American film that was released in 2011.[1][2] The film is produced by Rock It Productions.

Conception 2011.jpg
Directed by Josh Stolberg
Produced by Leila Charles Leigh
Stephanie Sherrin
Josh Stolberg
Written by Josh Stolberg
Starring Pamela Adlon
David Arquette
Aaron Ashmore
Moon Bloodgood
Julie Bowen
Connie Britton
Jennifer Finnigan
Tim Griffin
Steve Howey
Sarah Hyland
Jennifer Jostyn
Leila Leigh
Jason Mantzoukas
America Olivo
Leah Pipes
Matt Prokop
Jonathan Silverman
Gregory Smith
Alan Tudyk
Music by Cody Westheimer
Cinematography Noah Rosenthal
Edited by Naomi Sunrise Filoramo
Distributed by Tribeca Film
Release date
Running time
87 minutes
Country United States
Language English



It opens with a group of students wanting to know where babies come from and the teacher not knowing exactly how to handle it. This bookends the various scenes with the nine couples. Nine couples have their own different issues that they deal with and must deal with the notion of conceiving a child.


The Couples

  • Alan Tudyk as Mark – married to Gwen, he is sex-deprived due to Gwen recently having a baby
  • Jennifer Jostyn as Gwen – married to Mark, sleep-deprived mother who recently gave birth; she doesn’t like what the first pregnancy did to her body.

  • Jonathan Silverman as Brad – married to Laurie, they argue to keep his sex life going.
  • Jennifer Finnigan as Laurie – married to Brad, they argue to keep her sex life going.

  • America Olivo as Gina – married to Tommy, they also argue to keep their relationship going.
  • Tim Griffin as Tommy – married to Gina, they also argue to keep their relationship going.

  • Jason Mantzoukas as Brian – married to Gloria, he is squeamish about injecting his wife with hormones to help them conceive.
  • Connie Britton as Gloria – married to Brian, she is a nurse who at age 40 wants a baby.

  • Moon Bloodgood as Nikki – a lesbian who is with Tay, they have a donated container of sperm for her to get pregnant.
  • Pamela Adlon as Tay – a lesbian who is with Nikki.

  • Sarah Hyland as Tracey – partner of J.T.’s, a teenager who trades her virginity for J.T.'s vow to eat vegetarian.
  • Matt Prokop as J.T. – partner of Tracey, vows to eat vegetarian to have sex with Tracey.

  • Julie Bowen as Tiffany – a divorcee with a daughter, who gets her boy-toy to make a sex video.
  • Gregory Smith as Will – a much younger partner of Tiffany’s.

  • Aaron Ashmore as Eric – partner with Carla, they are on the verge of a breakup due to his bad habits.
  • Leah Pipes as Carla – partner of Eric.

  • Steve Howey as Joel – paired with Bree, they are on a blind date together.
  • Leila Leigh as Bree – paired with Joel.

Other Cast:

  • David Arquette as Paul Reynolds – an elementary school teacher
  • Caitlin Carmichael as Lucy
  • Michelle Coyle as Mabel
  • DJ Sauceda as Dylan
  • Caleb Alexander Cohen as Interview Kid
  • Jacob Nathaniel as Art school kid
  • Isabella Cuda as Interview girl
  • Xander Stolberg as Alex
  • Jason Schmidt as Best Friend
  • Asher Stolberg as Reggie


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