Compass International Pictures

Compass International Pictures was an independent American film production and distribution company founded by producers Irwin Yablans and Joseph Wolf in 1977, best known for their involvement in the production of numerous horror films between 1977 and 1981. Their first, and most notable film release was Halloween in 1978 with Falcon Films.[1] The company closed down in 1981, before re-emerging four years later under the name Trancas International Films.[2] As of 2016, they are the copyright holders of the Halloween film series, and have produced every film in the series to date.

Compass International Pictures
IndustryFilm studio
Founded1977; 44 years ago (1977)
Defunct1981; 40 years ago (1981)
SuccessorTrancas International Films
Key people
Irwin Yablans
Joseph Wolf
Paul Freeman
Moustapha Akkad
Malek Akkad
ProductsHalloween (1978)
Roller Boogie (1979)
ParentTrancas International Films, Inc.

Films releasedEdit

As Compass International PicturesEdit

Film Release Date Note
Halloween October 25, 1978
Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula March 1, 1979
Tourist Trap March 14, 1979
Roller Boogie December 19, 1979 (distributed by United Artists)
Fade to Black October 14, 1980 (with American Cinema Releasing)
The Day Time Ended November 1980
Blood Beach January 23, 1981 (with The Jerry Gross Organization)
Hell Night August 7, 1981

As Trancas International FilmsEdit


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