Communist Party of Greece/Marxist–Leninist

The Communist Party of Greece/Marxist–Leninist (KKE/ML, ΚΚΕ/ΜΛ) was a communist party in Greece. It was founded in 1969 under the name Organization of Greek Marxist-Leninists (Greek: Οργάνωση Ελλήνων Μαρξιστών-Λενινιστών (ΟΕΜΛ; OEML), a splinter group of the Organisation of Marxists–Leninists of Greece (OMLE).[1] Dissatisfied with the state of affairs in OMLE, OEML wanted a more confrontational line towards the then ruling military junta.[1] The name KKE/ML was adopted after the junta's fall, on November 3, 1974.[1] The party published the monthly Kokkini Simaia ("Red Flag").[1] The publishing house Poreia was linked to the party.[1]

Rather than forming student or trade union organizations of its own, KKE/ML sought to organize militant cells within established movements.[1]


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